About Steyning and Henfield Rotary

We are a friendly but ambitious club and a registered charity, No. 1036661   with 11 members serving the communities of Steyning and Henfield.

Rotary membership includes :

  • Women and Men
  • Active service-oriented people from their early 30s onwards.
  • Working and retired people

We have fun, we develop strong friendships and we are committed to ‘doing our bit’ to serve the community.  

Our meetings are held on Thursday evenings,  at the  Castle Inn Hotel, High St,  Bramber, West Sussex.

Here we enjoy a mixed programme of speakers, visits to other clubs, social events and of course to discuss and plan our service work. 

We focus on helping out where there is disadvantage, by giving our time and expertise and by raising funds, which are used wherever there is a compelling need. This includes:

  • The Steyning Area First Responders which was set up  by members of our club, some of whom remain active Trustees
  • Local hospices
  • Local organisations for disabled children and young people such as the Chanctonbury Playscheme and the Special Task Force

We also respond to international disasters, via the excellent ShelterBox Scheme and Water Aid.

We are keen to grow so that we can do more.

If life has been good to you and you would like to give something back, you would be welcome at any of our meetings, to find out who we are and how we serve the community.

If you would like to help, but cannot commit to full membership, perhaps you could consider ASSOCIATE  MEMBERSHIP, which still allows access to all social events and a say in how the club is run, but with less of a service commitment. 



Rotary worldwide manages its affairs on an annual cycle that starts on 1st July every year. Organization and management is refreshed on this 12 month cycle, giving everyone who wishes to do so the opportunity to take on leadership roles, and to move between the different areas of the club’s activity.

The club elects annually a management team (Officers) that looks after day-to-day affairs.

This year,  they are:

President: Shared Presidency   Nominal contact  Dr John Dibb 
Vice President:  
Treasurer: David Jaggar, Senior accountancy professional
Secretary: Graham Morris    Financial Consultant 


The club’s activities are managed in 4 principal areas, by working groups that are set up to handle specific issues or events.

Membership, Publicity and Public Relations
Looking after recruitment, retention, and publicity.

Service Delivery
Coordinating all aspects of the Club's local and international service.

Fund Raising
Organising and managing all the fund raising events through the year. 

Managing the social programme, general administration and pastoral – looking after our existing members.

Every member has the opportunity to be engaged in the Club’s activities through being a member of one or more of these committees or of working groups.

There is also the club’s management committee:


Comprising representatives from the 4 principal committees, the management officers, and a couple of ordinary members, this committee meets monthly to coordinate activities across all facets of the clubs life.

Finally, reinforcing the notion that Rotary is a strongly inclusive movement, each month the whole club has the opportunity to attend a Business Meeting to hear about and discuss all facets of the club’s activity and to take part in all of the important decisions.